Rules and Regulations


School Rules & Regulations

  • Students must wear school uniform
  • Students must cut their hair according to the school’s regulation – namely, short and natural with no artificial methods.
  • Students must not wear cosmetics and other beauty accessories.
  • Students must not bring valuable items to the school. If this is violated, the teachers will keep such items, which will only be returned when his/her parents come and collect it/them.
  • Students must not keep textbooks and notebooks in the classroom or in the school.
  • Students will use the school’s communal areas with care.
  • Students will not use lifts unaccompanied by teachers, or without permission.

General Rules

  • Without school authority permission, no student can leave. If it is important to leave students must need to get permission from school staff.
  • In the classroom and school area students should not make noise.
  •   Morning orientation will be given after morning assembly. All possible rules, advice must be taken by students and be done so seriously.  
  • When using special classrooms and/or rooms, e.g. computer room, library, infirmary and so on, students must need to pay attention about the rules.
  • Students must be well behaved to their teachers and school staff.
  • Smoking, drinking and drug possession is strongly prohibited.

School Timing

  • Every Students must need to attend class regularly in the following timely manner.
  • Students should maintain school timing strictly.
  • If any student who arrives later than the above their parents will get notified or they can be punished.
  • Every students must need to carry their ID card.


  • Students must write a letter explaining his/her reasons for absence. Such a letter must have his/her parents’ signature as a confirmation.
  •  If any student is absent more than three consecutive days, she/he must inform the school office and/or classroom teachers for a record. If sick, a letter from a doctor is required.
  • If the above is not carried out, the school assumes that such a student is unreasonably absent from class.

Eating Manners

  • Students must sit and eat with a proper manner. Eating while walking is strongly forbidden.
  • When finished eating, students must return eating utensils to the school in the areas provided.
  • Students must keep the school tidy and clean.

Lost and found items

  • Students must inform his/her classroom teacher or duty teacher when his/her item is lost.
  • When an item is found, it should be given to the classroom or duty teacher to find the owner & return it.